Category Topics

Bug Reports

In the case that you find a bug in any of the components like the APIs, frontend or image service please leave a report with as much details as possible.
Information like screenshots of visible errors, screen casts, error messages, use-cases where the bug appears, used browser version are essential for reproducing the circumstances and for finding the source of the problem.


In this category you can find the frequently asked questions. If you don’t find here what you need please use the search function of our forum and go through the answered topics. If you can’t find an answer to your question please open a new topic in one of the given categories.


Feel free to post your modules, projects, and everything around Storyblok in here. Make sure to check other categories for Questions, Feature Requests and Bug reports to have them tracked accordingly.

Feature Requests

In this category we ask you kindly to share your well elaborated use-cases for new features that you would like to see in Storyblok CMS with us.


The “Guides” category shows you simple instructions in a step by step way for resolving common tasks when working with Storyblok CMS.


We’ll announce here news about changes in the forum and important news about Storyblok CMS.